Sunday, August 14, 2011

August 14, 2011---new windowsill

Two things drove today's arrangement. #1: John has been replacing windowsills on the north side of the house at Flower Camp. Not an easy job by any means. It's hard because it requires carpentry skills, it's hard because it must be done on a ladder, and it's hard because the windowsills that need replacing are in second story windows of an unusually tall building. Those new windowsills seemed to deserve an arrangement!!! Second thing driving this arrangement was leftovers from weeding/deadheading. After being gone on vacation for a week, LOTS of things needed cutting back including Blue Horizon ageratum and rusty-colored rudbeckia. Everything in vase below would have gone in compost heap if it hadn't gone in this vase with the exception of some black cohosh pods I added (the very tall green stems) and some blackberrry lily pods I cut because I was tired of staking them to keep them off the ground. All this wound up creating a more complicated, and flower-rich, arrangemment than than my windowsill arrangements usually are, but I was determined to go with what I had--overly abundant though it might be!  The conglomeration ended up looking like just that--a conglomeration--when I saw something in the bathroom mirrow that I liked.  In the mirror, what I liked about the arrangement showed up better than it did in photo of arrangement on windowsill alone. Second photo shows mirror reflection better than first one, but, alas, what the camera sees is still not what I see.

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