Thursday, August 18, 2011

August 18, 2011

I tossed some red peppers onto the windowsill to jazz up yesterday's arrangements.

The hibiscus flower (from yesterday) has withered (see below), but now I'm thinking hibiscus blossoms may last only a day even in the garden?  Like passion flowers and morning glories, maybe? I've marked a bloom with a string today, and I'll check it tomorrow to see if it's still open.

There's also a sad thing in the windowsill today. I was weeding behind some aucuba shrubs and saw this tall, tall plant I assumed was a Jerusalem artichoke or some other weedy thing I pull out all the time.  I decided to be a really good girl and not just break it off but dig it out with the shovel. No sooner was it out of the ground then I realized it was ironweed---and blooming ironweed at that. The blooms were 3 feet above my head. I groaned out loud: OH, NO!!  The stem was broken in a couple of places and I tried to replant the part with partial root, but I doubt it will live. Ouch, ouch.  Anyway, I brought part of the stem in and put it in the windowsill.  The flowers would be pretty with eggplant, but I fear they're not going to hold up very well unless I shorten this stem.

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