Friday, August 26, 2011

August 26, 2011---rescued

I'm not talking about rescue from hurricane Irene. That hasn't arrived yet. Instead, I was rescued from not having a new windowsill arrangement today. The rescue was truly amazing. Yesterday, I arrived in Ashland to find cooler on my front porch. It was the cooler I'd transported my birthday arrangement for Rosie Shalf in (see Aug. 24). Rosie's returned my cooler, I thought. Very nice. Walked right past it and left it on the front porch. Today, late afternoon, after all-day meeting, I was about to walk by the cooler again without bringing it in when I realized Irene might blow it around, so I brought it in. Then I opened it, and inside was an arrangemnt in the jar I'd put Rosie's arrangement in! (And under it were melted cold packs.)  Rosie had returned my jar with flowers in it, a beautiful gesture like returning a dish with food in it. Only problem was that Rosie's arrangement had been sitting for over 24, maybe as many as 48, hours in a cooler on my front porch. Trust me, it was not cool when I opened it. However: the arrangement still looked good enough to put it on the windowsill (thank you, Rosie)!

The other fun thing about this arrangement is that it includes so many flowers I don't grow. Rosanne and I live so close to each other that you'd think we'd grow most of the same cut flowers, but the only things in this arrangement that I grow are the rosemary and the campanula, and I don't grow the campanula well.  Rosanne has given me the blue campanula a half a dozen times (it's a weed for her), but mine seldom grow well enough to bloom.  And I've never succeeded with monkshood (the pink flowers to the right).  There's also goldenrod and maroon petunia flowers with green edeges in this arrangement. The petunias were probably harvested from one of Rosie's pots.

Something else I like about Rosie's arrangement is the way it looks under the arbor created by the honeysuckle (Baggesen's Gold)  left in a bottle from Aug. 20.

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