Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 13, 2011

It takes so very long to upload info to this blog from Buckingham! I have watered the garden, straightened the linen closet, and swept away 100 spider webs in the time it took to upload the photo below. If I had known it would take so long, I'd have worked harder on a better photo! I haven't arranged the plant material below. It's just sitting in a water glass in the sink waiting for me to do something with it, but I liked the way the pokeweed berries and blackberry lily flowers looked against the curtain--sort of spare and Asian-looking. It's also interesting to me that on July 13, I'm seeing lots of fruit: pokeberries, elderberries. blackberries, raspberries, even honeysuckle berries. Lots of leaves are changing color, too.  Proves my point that fall begins in mid-July.

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