Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 20, 2011

Bob Llewellyn sent me a photo of a sunflower with droopy petals today--symbolic of how we're all drooping in the heat. That made me want to use a droopy sunflower in my windowsill arrangement. Went out to pick one, and the droopiest one I found was a big one that turned out to be less droopy than I thought when I saw it face to face. In fact, it was so big and heavy I had to put it in a really heavy container, which turned out to be my electric teapot! Added a fan of wisteria leaves for greens. What I'll do in the morning, when I need my teapot, I don't know. Which reminds me that I've been a bit worried about putting poisonous flowers in containers that I use later for drinkable liquids. Sunflower probably isn't a problem, but castor bean? Should you put castor bean stems in a pitcher and then use it for drinking water even if I clean it well in between? Probably not.

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