Friday, July 15, 2011

July 15, 2011

Got a whole new perspective on windowsills this morning. As requested, Lucy Coggin created a beautiful concoction for the windowsill this morning--a stick with morning glory bloom nestled in it. We struggled and struggled to find a way to photograph it that showed both the translucence of the flower (needed light behind it for that) and the colors of the lichen on the stick (needed light in front of it for that). After trying indoor windowsill (first photo below), Lucy suggested we try the arrangement on the outside windowsill (second photo). (All this would be SO much easier if windowsill location weren't required for this blog, but rules are rules, and I promised myself I'd photograph arrangements in windowsills for a year.) Anyway, second photo shows the stick/morning glory combo on the outside windowsill. I have a feeling I may be trying that option (which bends the rules but doesn't break them) again! The morning glory is Grandpa Otts, by the way.

And below is windowsill arrangement created by Cahterine Ellyson above kitchen sink. It's such a great study in greens--a sprig of dusty miller with river oats (which don't really show up in photo), a nigella bud, and white nicotiana flower. This arrangement made me see the green in the throat and veins of the nicotiana flower for the first time.

Couldn't resist photograhing the "context" in which Catherine's arrangement appears (below)!

And here's something I had to post even though it's not in a windowsill. Lucy Coggin created this beautiful concoction in an old gourd that had grown into the fence. So beautiful and unexpected!

We had to put a towel behind the fence to make this arrangement show up.

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