Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011--complications

I've got the "itchy aches" because I got into a yellow jacket nest while cleaning up the veggie garden this morning. Not fun. It was actually hard to go outside and face the bees again this afternoon to pick flowers, but, luckily (?) I wanted to create an arrangement for a friend I'm visiting in a nursing home tonight, so outside I went. First photo includes flowers I collected then plopped into a jar and placed in windowsill.  (I love this new south-facing windowsill I'm using. The storm window is ugly, but there's less competing background stuff behind it than in other windowsills).  All these flowers are pretty, but when I'd  finished this arrangement , I thought it was one of those examples of "I keep adding things and it's still too complicated." I actually found the "arrangement" depicted below more satisfying. It's just  one stem of Italian arum berries with a bindweed winding around it--just the way I found it in the garden.

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