Monday, July 11, 2011

July11, 2011--here's what you do with a daylily

Yesterday's daylily flower died, of course (see below), but that was no tragedy because a new one had bloomed from an adjacent bud. I just pulled the dead flower off and repositioned the new flower to function as a focal point as the previous one had (second photo). I think daylilies are way underrated as cut flowers. Florists can't use them, of course (how the customers would howl when their flowers died after only a day!), but windowsill arrangers, and anyone else creating temporary arrangements or arrangements for themselves, certainly can.  There's a big gap between magnolia leaves and daylily buds in second photo that I'd have filled with something if  I'd seen it before I took the photo. Amazing the way photos make you see things you don't see otherwise!

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