Saturday, July 23, 2011

July 23, 2011 -- a new take on squash blossoms

I've had company, which is one reason for my lame post late last night. This morning, before heading for home, Linda Armstrong took about two minutes to do a windowsill arrangement before she walked out the door. She whittled out a yellow squash, added water to the reservoir, then nested a sunflower behind a spray of white elderberry flowers. So cute!  It was unusual to have an elderberry flower around--most have moved on to the berry stage--but this was a late one I'd picked because I wanted to try to batter and fry it the way Giesela Carson had on June 22. Never got around to that, so it was just sitting around in water on the counter. The cut sunflower, too, just happened to be sitting around inside in a jar of water. I'd picked it along with a couple of others from a toppled sunflower that I had almost taken directly to compost heap but couldn't seem to throw away. I think there's a lesson here somewhere about not throwing anything away, but if I become any more of a flower hoarder, there will be absolutely no room left for food on the kitchen counter!

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