Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 28, 2011---more veggies

The forms and colors of the veggies are interesting me more than flowers right now. I particularly love the pattypan squash (far left). Still  haven't figured out how to get accurate color of eggplant to show up in photo.  Looks like a regular eggplant color here, but it's actually way more violet.  I can see reflection of kitchen light in window. That's sort of fun. Got a compliment from my husband (who doesn't dispense compliments willy nilly) this morning: "That's a cute little array of vegetables," he said. I like it too---and so easy! The thing that helped make it easy, of course, was having this nice little collection of wide-bottomed small vases on hand.

The berries third from right aren't veggies. They're Italian arum berries, leftover from yesterday's windowsill array.

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