Sunday, April 15, 2012

April 15, 2012 -- Narcissus and wild azalea

The two flowers I wanted to use most today were the wild Pinxter azalea (pink, honeysuckle-like flowers) and a daffodil called 'Twin Sisters.' The daffodil's full botanical name is Narcissus biflorus, which alludes to the fact that it usually has two flowers to a stem. It's one of the latest-blooming daffodils, and I used to see it blooming in several places along Virginia's Rt. 6 between Richmond and Scottsville, but now... not so much. I was thrilled to discover I had a nice patch of it blooming in my own yard, because, once-upon-a-time, I had the wisdom to order some from Brent and Becky's Bulbs (which is one of the few places that offers them). Interestingly, I notice they are now more expensive than most of their other daffodils, presumably because people now value them as heirlooms.

Can you see the Narcissus reflection in the window?! That's just like the mythical Narcissus, who saw (and admired!) his reflection in water!

The pinkish-orange things in the lower part of this arrangement are the centers of the two peonies I picked a few days ago and carried with me to the beach. I pulled most of their now-spent petals off to reveal this golden center.

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  1. Very Pretty. What a fun idea with the peonies.