Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30, 2012 -- red clover, wild grasses, Swiss chard

It's hard to explain how this evolved. I had picked the red clover and grasses on a walk yesterday and decided to use them in a windowsill arrangement this afternoon. I was planning to sort of line them up, soldier-like, in this glass vase, but I didn't have enough material, so I grabbed a fat Swiss chard stem from the refrigerator to use as filler. But when I had the Swiss chard stem in my hand, it seemed just too big and cavernous (in terms of depression along its midrib) to spoil it by cutting it up. Instead, I tucked my clover and grass stems into it like cheese into a celery stem. Then I folded the sides of the Swiss chard even closer together and secured them in place with toothpicks. The result is really contemporary-looking and would look better in a modern windowsill than it does in my old-fashioned one, but I like it. It seems impossible that all these stems could really be in water, but they are--just wrapped up in a Swiss chard stem!


  1. I think that was a lucky walk for you because you had picked the red clover and grasses. The arrangement of a windowsill is looking so beautiful with this red clover and grasses. Nice uses of your material.

    Clover yoyo