Monday, April 23, 2012

April 23, 2012 -- bits and pieces

This array started with a reddish iris bud that broke off when I was transporting some cut flowers this morning. It's in the bottle second from the right combined with a reddish Heuchera leaf and a stem of goldenrod foliage. On the far right is the Asian pear I brought back with me from the Capital One snack bar. Second from the left is a bottle containing a frond of Autumn fern, a tulip poplar flower I picked up off the ground this morning, and a couple of lily-of-the-valley leaves from a previous arrangement. My favorite thing in the windowsill is the yellow leaf on the left. I was about to photograph the other three bottles of material when I noticed yellow leaves on a shrub outside the window were distracting from the photo. I went out to pull them off, but one of them (this one) was so pretty I couldn't throw it away. I stuck a pencil through a hole in the leaf to keep it upright in a Tobasco sauce bottle.

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