Tuesday, March 18, 2014

filbert (?) catkins

I'm struggling with so much today--illness, uncooperative software, leaky memory--but the thing that's bugging me most right now is the fact that I can't remember the name of the shrub from which I clipped this twig. I think it's a filbert of some sort--a shrub given me by a neighbor who's at work and unavailable for a shrub-name-consultation. At any rate, its catkins are always really, really long at this time of year, and this year too, despite the snow, they are gorgeous. I propped the twig up in the windowsill behind a jar of gumbo I'd bought in Charleston.

True--this is really true--my husband, who is on the road, just called in response to phone message from me asking if he could remember the name of the shrub the Pellmanns gave us. He thinks it's a hazelnut, and I'm almost sure he's right. Is a filbert related to a hazelnut? I'll have to look it up!

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