Tuesday, March 4, 2014

tiny bits of statice

A couple of stems of purple statice came in a bunch of florist flowers I bought over a month ago. I never used them in an arrangement, and, in fact, thought about throwing them away more than once. Still, I kept them in the utility room until they dried and, today, one little group of florets sort of dropped into my hands as I was cleaning the surface of the washing machine. I dropped them into this little container, put a marsh marigold leaf  (salvaged from an earlier arrangement) under it, and let a few florets fall where they might. All in all, this is a sweet little thing--and no bigger than a chicken egg.

 I love this little bottle (which  I used earlier to hold snowdrops). Can't remember where I found it (it still has dirt in it), but it has begun to remind me of the little containers of oil paints that used to accompany paint-by-numbers sets.

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