Friday, March 7, 2014

rescued crocuses with gumball

After being snowed under, then rained on, then iced over this morning, these crocuses were downright weary when I went to pick them this morning. Still...they are beautiful. And the evolution of this arrangement was fun. I combined the crocuses with some liriope foliage, and in the process of doing that, decided I wanted one of the liriope leaves to twirl in a circle. It was easy enough to tuck one end of the leaf into the neck of the vase to complete the loop, but it wasn't round enough to suit me so I started looking around for something to weight the loop down. (An Ikebana arranger would actually use a tiny fishing weight!). I first tried a wishbone (below), then a gumball (above). I love the gumball with the crocuses, because it's so reflective of this time of year. The gumball was frozen to the ground when went to pick it up this morning!


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