Friday, March 21, 2014


Oh, how Iove this little weed! But today, around 4 o'clock, when I was trying to remember its name, I couldn't. I had picked some while waiting for paint to be mixed at a local paint store (this and purple dead nettle were blooming around the parking lot), and when I went inside with my little bouquet the proprietor was interested in knowing what the weed was. Blank. Total mental blank. I couldn't remember its name and it's a name I've cherished since I first learned it about 30 years ago. I was sad because here was a chance to teach someone the name and I couldn't. When I got home and stopped trying to retrieve it, I thought the name would come to me, but it didn't. Until tonight at 7:41 pm. Henbit!! Boy would I love to know what twist of fate or gift of grace caused that neuron to finally fire.

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