Sunday, March 23, 2014

weeds and a twig

My daughter and I were chatting today about how important it is to learn to recognize spring weeds, because if you can't tell a weed from a new garden flower seeding, you'll pull the seedling up! So: today I decided to arrange with spring weeds. In this tiny little vase are hairy bittercress (beautiful little weed with deeply cut leaves and tiny white flowers), henbit (magenta flowers), and marsh marigold. Unlike the first two weeds, marsh marigold is something I actually planted in my yard, but give it another year or two and it will be a weed! There is also one tiny, tiny twig in this arrangement, and it was SO much fun to add for this reason: I spotted this slender little thing only because it was sticking up above the snow one day. It's sort of stiff and woody but not part of a shrub; it's just a leftover weed or wildflower of some sort. Anyway, I brought it home and left it lying around the kitchen, where, today, it was the perfect thing to add to this arrangement. The hole in this vase is only about 1/3 inch wide and, by the time I had added the bittercress, the henbit, and the marsh marigold, there wasn't room for anything else, unless it happened to have a really tiny, stiff stem that could make its way past all those mushy stems--and my beautiful little twig could!

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  1. Gorgeous! The little branches ARE perfect for your arrangement. I love the red plate in the background; a creative touch. LOVE your arrangement.