Friday, June 17, 2011

June 17, 2011---jaws of the whale

This morning I started fiddling with yesterday's arrangement---editing out leaves to the point that the stick began to look like a grotto---or maybe the jaws of a whale! Then I noticed the white petunia flowers had all lined up in a way that seemed to lead upward, so I decided to rotate the stick, orienting it upward the way it usually sits in the windowsill. The result was less than wonderful (see below), but all of this has taught me to do something I hadn't thought to do before, which is put a horizontal dish under my mountain laurel stick and use it as a container occasionally. I'm also going on a hike to get a new mountain laurel stick first chance I get, because my old one, much as I love it, has lost some of its grace as I've broken off its tips.

I do love using petunias as cut flowers! Their stems are weak and break easily, but the vining varieties have nice long stems and live a surprisingly long time in the vase.

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