Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 30, 2011---Irresistible stripes

So: Last night I dropped a single greenish-white hydrangea blossom into my green striped cruet and poked some feverfew flowers into the top of the hydrangea blossom, using it like a pin cushion.  Next to that Dr. Seussy creation above is the wine glass with leftover parsley and basil sprigs in it I'd set on the windowsill June 27.  THEN, this morning  I looked over at a bunch of vegetables John had harvested and a striped zucchini seemed to be begging to be moved onto the windowsill near that green striped vase. Hence ....well....see below. This windowsill "arrangement" will not be making the pages of Martha Stewart Living, but it makes me laugh!

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