Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20, 2011

Back in garden land, I had too many choices, which really made the arranging harder. I decided to just pick a few of my favorite things: crepuscule rose (a climber with small, apricot-colored flowers), blue campanula (weedy in some people's gardens but not too aggressive in mine), and one red hot poker stem. Most of the red hot poker flowers are too big for a little arrangement like this, but this one flower was relatively small. There's also one pretty stem of passion flower vine in this. Unfortunately, the passion flower itself, which was the most fragrant thing in the garden this afternoon, wound up in a different vase.

I wish I'd included the whole vase in the photo. It's a tall, green cruet. It's easy to fill (because it has a narrow neck) and nice and stable (because it has a relatively broad base).

This photo is our of focus, and the colors are off, but at least you can see the whole vase.  (Photo taken after the sun went down.)

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