Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 14, 2011---blue and green

The ageratum needed cutting back, which is why I had all these pretty blue flowers on hand. It's an annual ageratum called Blue Horizon that I learned about from Amy Hicks (who sells it in her bouquets at farmers' markets).  My stems never seem to get as long as Amy's, but I still love to grow this plant for cutting, because its flowers are such a clear, beautiful blue. They combine well with just about anything, but here I've been restrained (for me) and combined them with only one other plant material--some parsley seed heads.  You can hardly see them in the photo, but in real life their texture and acid green color adds lots.  Color-wise, this arrangement seems to reflect what's going on outside---much cooler and the air is almost crisp compared with last week.

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