Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 18, 2011--beach flowers

Here is Linda Armstrong coming inside with flowers picked around her cottage at Nags Head.

And below is her windowsill arrangement in a tervis glass. It includes oleander, gaillardia (blanket flower), basil, and some grassy thing (not sea oats).  She had to work for it!  The gaillardia, she says, was "sittin' in the cactus. I didn't realize it [the cactus] would reach out and grab me!"  I, like Androcles, removed the inch-long cactus thorn from her foot.  Linda has now also learned the challenges of photographing arrangements in windowsills. We had to rearrange the porch furniture and take the screen out of the window to get a reasonable photo of this pretty combination. I particularly love the gaillardia, which seems to make other flowers look wild and wonderful no matter what it's combined with.

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  1. beautiful! It's good to see how much fun you're having!