Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 16, 2011

This is a tiny little bouquet I made for my grandaughter's 5th grade graduation. I photographed it in windowsill as insurance (in case I didn't have time to do another arrangement today). It really is tiny (in a saltshaker) and in addition to the little red roses, it includes some green pearl bush seed pods. They're interesting because they're sort of shaped like jacks.  But I DID have time to do something else, although the only plant material calling me in the garden was some blooming knotweed and some vining white petunias. Cut them and brought them in just to see what I could do with them. They seemed to want to be horizontal, so I found the narrowest horizontal dish I could find, turned my mountain laurel stick sideways (the first time I've done that), and anchored the other stems under it. The result was pretty dramatic for a 5 minute effort!  Unfortunately, however, the most interesting thing going on in the kitchen windowsill right now is flies---more than a dozen of them that must have hatched last night.  I was swatting at them as I arranged. The flies aren't pretty, but their hatching is a summer phenomenon worth recording.  I think I see one in the photo!

I should edit the green knotweed leaf on the far right out of this arrangement. Funny how such things are easier to see in a photo than in real life.

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