Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 22, 2011--elderberry

Giesela Carson created this arrangement. She's at Flower Camp with other members of the Women's Batteau Guild.  But that's only half the story. In addition to using elderberry flowers in her arrangement, Giesela created a gorgeous confection with them for breakfast. I'll post those photos later. For now, know only that Giesela dips clusters of elderberry flowers in an egg batter, fries them, then dips them in powdered brown sugar. Yummy.

There are also some crackerjack photographers in this group, and I've been picking as many brains as much as I can. What I learned from taking this photo, though, occurred almost by accident. I couldn't get Giesela's arrangement to show up against the busy background outside the window, so, even though she'd be on the other side of the screen (standing on the porch), I asked her to pose behind it.
That helped tremendously!

Below are photos sent me by Judy Morrill that I'm adding on June 23. First one is of elderberry flowers on foil waiting to be battered, second is of battered elderberry flowers being fried. I think someone who was present to eat these delectable fritters has photo of them browned and on a platter. I'll try to track down such a photo and add it later.

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