Saturday, October 15, 2011

October 15,2011--new vase

I went to Scottsville this morning and had all the time in the world to wander through Riverside Antiques. Saw all sorts of wonderful, inexpensive things that could be used as vases (or were vases), but when I thought about what, if anything, I wanted to buy, it was this vase I decided on. I'm sure part of its appeal was that it was modern and part was the fact that it's odd (canted toward one side). Arguing against it was its color---sort if a greenish mustard. I already knew that was a hard color to deal with. I bought some plant pots the same color early this spring and never was satisfied with what I planted in them. However: turns out this little vase looks really great in my bedroom, so I'm glad I bought it. (And I'm guessing it will look better another day when it's not so loaded with plant material.) In it today are orange tithonia, blue salvia, blue ageratum, a trumpet vine pod, and a tupelo leaf. I wasn't motivated to work very hard on this photo, but the time I did spend looking though the camera at this arrangement was really fun because the light kept changing. It's really windy outside and the sunshine kept breaking through the tree leaves, highlighting different parts of the vase/plant material.

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