Friday, October 21, 2011

October 21, 2011--violet music

I bought a flat of pansies this morning and got to ride in the car with them for two hours. I nearly swooned from the fragrance! I really love the pansy below, which I haven't even planted yet (picked the flowers directly from the plants in the flat). This particular one is a little larger than a viola, smaller than a traditional pansy. I don't know its name. I usually buy the little violas, because I think they do better over the winter than the large-flowered pansies do, but if this one with medium-sized flowers does well, I'll buy it again next fall, because I love its color. Imagine how beautiful it will be blooming under redbud next spring!

And THIS is Violet Music--a reblooming bearded iris. It just doesn't seem possible that such a thing could be blooming in October, but it is.  These irises just love a moist summer (because unlike most bearded irises they never go dormant) and a warm fall.  They were in full bud when I left them last Sunday, and I was praying there'd be no frost to destroy them before I arrived back here today.  There's obviously been no frost and these irises are absolutely gorgeous. 

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