Saturday, October 8, 2011

October 8, 2011

I just gathered these flowers up this afternoon and dropped them into a vase. The red flowers are pineapple sage, the dark maroon and orange ones are marigolds, and the little yellow ones are some sort of zinnia, I think. There is also a stem of daisy wingstem in this (its spent flowers look sort of mustard-colored.)  The little yellow zinnias (if they are zinnias) interest me because I first bought them as potted annuals a couple of years ago from Elizabeth McDade in Ashland. They've come up from seeds every year since, but they don't emerge until really late--sometimes not until August. Once they're up they grow and bloom really fast, though. The other thing in this collection of materials that interested me was a passion flower vine that was clinging to the pineapple sage. (It's the vine circling downward.)  I removed its leaves so you could see its wonderful tendrils better. I think I'll do that again!

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