Monday, October 24, 2011

October 24, 2011---the way things wind up in the windowsill

I'm sometimes more interested in the way things evolve than the outcome. For instance: this morning I retrieved an old basket from the shed hoping to fill it with veggies and a jar of flowers for a friend.  Two problems: the basket was falling apart, so I cut the damaged handle off (first photo), but, as it turned out, the basket wasn't big enough for both the flowers and veggies I wanted to include. So I put the flowers in a jar (second photo) and the veggies in a bag instead.  Couldn't bring myself to throw away the basket handle though (after all, it was handmade), so I walked around with it in my hand looking for a home for it.  What I found was a vase I'd jammed some nandina berries in to keep them from falling all over the floor.  I  worked the stem of the nandina up into the fabric of the basket handle and used it as a sort of wacky linear element in windowsill "arrangement" (third photo).  I don't think this is the best I can do with that handle but it's my best shot for today!

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