Saturday, October 22, 2011

October 22, 2011--tweaks

These are the same violas I used in an inkwell yesterday. Today, as I was planting the plants, I loved the way they looked with nearby orange cosmos, so I picked some cosmos, spread the violas out into three vases, and plopped them all in together. I like the different stages of the cosmos in these vases--some going to seed.

And here's a redo of the Violet Music irises I dropped into a vase yesterday. They are almost too beautiful--and extraordinary--to monkey with, but as I was weeding today, I encountered a plant material I wanted to use and thought it might look good with them. That material was the seed pods of a weed--evening primrose.     I liked the idea of adding those green pods (which sort of look like mini green bananas lined up on a stem) to the irises, if only to prove that these irises really are blooming in the fall. 

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