Thursday, November 10, 2011

November 10, 2011--arranging like a freegan

Did you know there are "freegans" as well as "vegans"? Freegans eat only free food (and yes, it is possible to live on only free food). I thought about that this morning, because, on my walk, I came across two free "vases."  One was a big gin bottle, the other a Smirnoff vodka bottle (one of the tiny, airplane-sized ones). The latter actually makes a great little vase. Anyway, everything in this first "arrangement" is something I picked on my walk this morning and dropped into a free vase (a.k.a. the gin bottle I found along the roadside). The plant material is winged sumac, goldenrod, aster seed heads, and some grasses.

The second "arrangement" includes wild asparagus I found along the roadside a few days ago, combined with the pansies I used in yesterday's arrangement. Some of the asparagus, which has two green berries on it, is in a sauce bottle, but the material in the foreground is in the tiny, plastic vodka bottle I found along the roadside this morning.  Here's a case where I wish I either had more time to work on a better photo or knew how to take a decent photo more quickly (or both!), because the yellow-green asparagus foliage with the blue-violet pansies is really gorgeous, and I can't even seem to photograph it properly. (Can't even get the highlight from the flash out of the photo.)  People who know how translate what their eyes see into what the camera sees are so lucky.   

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