Sunday, November 6, 2011

November 6, 2011

Martha Wertz and Rhonda Roebuck were at Flower Camp yesterday, and, like the good sports they are, they agreed to do windowsill arrangements. Here's Martha bringing her flowers in>

And here are her arrangements, which include Rudbeckia triloba, celosia, butterfly weed pods, sedum, borage, and (far right) a nicotiana flower. Proves how much interesting stuff you can find even after a hard frost!

And here is Rhonda playing with her plant material--a yellow zinnia, a grass seed head, crocosmia foliage (the yellow-green spears), a a garlic mustard seed head, and a stem of Jester millet (the blackish, spear-like seed structure). 

Please forgive me, Rhonda, for this bad photo of your arrangement. I tried to move it to a windowsill where I thought it would show up better than did in the windowsill where you left it, and I jostled it in the process.

And here's my Nov. 6 arrangement. This is a single stem of Jester millet that I pulled out of the garden today but couldn't seem to throw away. It has multiple seed structures probably because I cut the central one for an arranement earlier, the stem branched and rebloomed. This is so very much prettier than it looks in the photo. The seed structure is a deep, dark, blackish maroon, some of the foliage is yellow-green, some bleached tan, and all of it beautifully weathered. Another thing that doesn't show up in the photo is the plant's roots. I pulled it up by the roots and plopped it, roots and all, on top of a pin holder in this vase.

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