Monday, November 21, 2011

November 21, 2011-- new perspective

Today, my 64th birthday, I gave myself a present. I gave myself the time to go to Home Depot and look at the tiles that I thought might make good platforms for my windowsill arrangements. I bought one for $2.97 (which seemed expensive, since some were only 39 cents each). This 4 by 4 inch square of reflective material yielded more than I could have ever imagined -- the reflection of my next door neighbor's trees! If only the photo could capture it. Look closely (above) and maybe you can see it.

In the little green bottle are greens from Pieris japonica (leftover from a previous arrangement) and pretty pink blossoms of cyclamen, from the garden. The photo above fails (as a photo) because of the distractions in the background. Below is a somewhat better photo, but it erases the ephiphany that made this arrangement important--the trees reflected in the tile!