Friday, November 18, 2011

November 18, 2011

I've been wanting to use my hot peppers in an arrangement, and this morning I decided it had better happen soon becasue the fruit flies were hovering. Tried a couple of different ways of using them, all of which seemed too contrived, so I finally just plopped them down on this little cutting board and put a piece of greenery (variegated aucuba) behind them. The aucuba is in a roll of covered wire from Michael's craft store. A floral tube holds water inside it. 

It's a good thing I picked this little piece of aucuba late yesterday, because right now the entire shrub is stiff as a board after a hard frost last night. And these hot peppers probably  represent the last hot color I'll get from the garden for months.


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  2. This is like morimono! Which is a Japanese arrangement of flowers and fruits/vegetables on a tray, like this: It's a wonderful alternative for a simple holiday decoration.