Sunday, November 13, 2011

November 13, 2011--rose hips

The rose hips on rugosa roses are as big as cherry tomatoes and so gorgeous right now. I should be using them to make tea (way high in vitamin C, I'm told), but I'm just looking at them. The way the leaves on each rugosa rose stem are arranged is so pretty (they surround the stem in postures that look good from every direction), all you have to do to make one look good in a vase is cut it and drop it in! Below are three small vases, each with one short Rosa rugosa stem in it.  In the vase on the far right there are also two tiny green tomatoes I filched from yesterday's arrangement, skewered on stiff twigs. and added to the vase. To its left is an osage orange, which is fun to look at no matter where it is. I gathered dozens of them this year, but I left some on the ground where they've rolled into the woods, because if children happen to find them, they'll think they've discovered alien eggs!

Here are those rugosa rose hips up close.

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  1. I need to find some of those alien eggs. The rose hips are so simple and pretty. You think of everything.