Thursday, November 17, 2011

November 17, 2011--prissy, prissy

This is the time of year when all sorts of prissy things you'd forgotten you had tumble out of the cupboard! Came across this little china pitcher this morning when hunting for a serving dish.  The other little china things were nearby, too, so I gave them air time on the windowsill.  It is absolutely miserable outside right now--rainy and cold--but, amazingly enough, I still had a few prissy things blooming in the garden--half a dozen snapdragons and three fall-blooming camelia bushes. I also put a bit of foliage from Pieris japonica in the pitcher, but thought I needed more yellow-green, so I picked what you can see through the window--some forsythia foliage.

 It's sort of amazing that flowers this delicate-looking are still blooming on Nov. 17.

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