Thursday, November 24, 2011

November 24, 2011--Happy Thanksgiving (and Easter)

Well, here is your basic array of Thanksgiving stuff in the windowsill. The most interesting thing in the mixture is an absolutely gorgeous greenbrier vine. And the gourds and squashes are fun because some of them I grew on purpose, others I harvested from plants that were volunteers. I also stuck a sprig of rose hips in the middle to fill an empty space.

But here's what really moved me on this Thanksgiving day. In my walk along Center Street, I found henbit blooming in a ditch. It's not all that unusual for henbit to bloom during a warm fall or winter spell, but it's a spring wildflower/weed that I associate with Easter (it's ALWAYS blooming on Easter), so it was fun to find it blooming today. With it I've combined some pepper grass I also found along the roadside.


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Nancy. Many thanks for sharing you windowsills. A very happy part of my day.