Monday, November 28, 2011

November 28, 2011---greenbrier and buttercups

I tried again with the greenbrier--this time positioning my stick horizontally, cutting the greenbrier vine into segments, and dropping those segments into a series of small vases. Then I added some gourds and mushrooms. I fear this is another example of "I keep adding things and it's still too compllicated!" There is something interesting in this conglomeration, though. I found buttercups blooming on my walk this morning and added them to the mix. It's just so much fun to have yellow buttercups and fall greenbrier foliage at the same time! 

I tried combining just the buttercups and a couple of greenbrier leaves in a vanilla bottle.  The arrangement is sort of lackluster, but the leaves and buttercup flowers are not. In fact, as my brain was registering how highly reflective the greenbrier leaves are, I was also noticing the reflection of the shiny buttercup flowers in the window. Look closely and you can see it.

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