Friday, May 18, 2012

May 18, 2012 -- out of focus

This photo is out of focus, and so am I. This is the cake topper for a wedding cake (sitting now in a turquoise dish of water to keep it hydrated and me satisfied that I've fullfilled my windowsill-arrangement-a-day-commitment). This is prettier than it looks in the photo, I hope.
Gosh, what's in this? Some apricot-colored roses, blue amsonia, tiny purple moneyplant blossoms, peachy heuchera leaves, some flower spikes and leaves of pink astilbe, coral honeysuckle, and Chinese temple bells. That's a lot of stuff for and "arrangement" only about 4 inches wide and by 4 inches tall! I like this, but see yesterday for what I like better.

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