Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 29, 2012 -- feverfew, ten days late

When I agreed to do a wedding on May 19 and the bride said she loved tiny daisies, I thought I'd  have the flower to thrill her. Surely feverfew would be blooming on May 19, but, no,  it bloomed about a week later. Now I'm awash in feverfew, when I would have given a king's ransome for it 10 days ago.  I bought some Montbretia to subsitute, but it was so stiff and floristy-looking I didn't even use it.

This is the single-flowered feverfew (which Flower Camper Jan Barthurst gave me a few years ago and I've continued to grow from seed.).  It's single-flowered, with a yellow center, unlike the more common double-flowered feverfew. I like this one much better. They both smell like chrysanthemums, and I'm surrounded by that scent right now, because it's still on my fingers.  

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