Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 31, 2012 -- butterfly snapdragons

I absolutely adore the color of these snapdragons. They are Butterfly snaps, which I grew from seed (Renee's Seeds). Not only are they more open and old-fashioned-looking than "regular" snaps, but they are the most beautiful range of colors: lucious pale lemon yellows, apricot, and peachy-pink.

I was enjoying them in the garden until a huge thunderstorm came and toppled them. A day later they had started reaching for the sun again (from the prone position), giving them strangely curved stems. I decided to cut them and bring them in the house, so the plants would, hopefully, send up a new round of blooms. 

First I put the cut snaps in vases under a light over the kitchen table, where I thought they might straighten up a bit (reaching for the light). If they did, I couldn't see it, but I did see how gorgeous their color was with pink grapefruit!

Then an orange bag landed on the kitchen table and I decided to use it as a windowsill vase (I lined it with a rectangular glassware container). Here's the result. It doesn't showcase the snaps' colors the way I'd like it to, but the fact that the snaps are oriented all sorts of weird ways isn't a problem when using them like this. The blue flower I've combined them with is an annual ageratum called Blue Horizon.

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