Thursday, May 24, 2012

May 24, 2012 -- back to flowers

     Today I'm back "into" flowers.  These are all flowers from the garden except for the pale blue Agapanthus, which is leftover from florist flowers I bought for a wedding.  To the right, in the little vase, is a stem of parsley and an orange voila I pulled out of the garden by mistake while weeding. In the larger glass vase, in addition to the Agapanthus, are pale yellow snapdragons, deep blue ageratum, some "hootenanny plant" (white blooms and aromatic foliage), a couple of stems of yellow coreopsis, and an old hosta leaf.
     I've broken a rule by not removing all leaves below the water line.

My favorite thing in this combo is the old hosta leaf, which had begun to yellow in another arrangement. It's in the lower right of photo below.

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