Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 20, 2012 -- yesterday revisited

     Here's what was in the bouquet I photographed yesterday (and picture in closeup above). I'm going to share where everything came from, because I think it's so interesting how this kind of thing comes together. The bouquet, by the way, was created by my friend Sue Tolson.
Lenten roses, from Rosanne Shalf's backyard Gaura, from Sue and Ritchie Watson's backyard
Off-white roses, from the florist
Poppy pods, from the garden at Flower Camp
Bouvardia, from the florist
Lavender, from the florist. This is some wacky lavender that I didn't mean to order and almost rejected, but Sue made it look gorgeous in this bouquet
Peach stock, from the florist
"Regular" wheat, from a field in Fork Union
Bearded wheat, from a field near me in Ashland

 I'm going to post another arrangement for today in a minute, and I'll better differentiate between the two different kinds of wheat.

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