Monday, September 12, 2011

Sept. 12, 2011--much better!

From yesterday's mess came today's triumph. I cut off the pinkish magnolia pods and dropped them into three little wide-bottomed glass containers. Too boring. I'd saved lots of woody ivy vines from tree that came down in Irene, so I went to retrieve one of those from the shed.  Removed magnolia pods, placed woody vine across the top of the containers, then returned the pods to the vases by slipping them through slits in the sort of plaited vine. Still needed something, so I went out and picked three little Carefree Beauty rose buds and one hydrangea flower. Added one rosebud to each vase, then deconstructed the hydrangea blossom to turn it into half a dozen smaller blossom clusters. They didn't even need to be in water, because they'd pretty much dried on the shrub. I love the combination of all these materials because of their different colors and textures, and this amalgam really speaks to me of this time of year: hurricanes, reblooming roses, drying hydranges, blushing magnolia pods.

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  1. hi Nancy, I like your windowsill arrangements a lot. Thanks for sharing. Makes me wish I had radiators. Janet Woody