Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September 28, 2011

Today the windowsill drew a plum to it.  The plum--which needed ripening anyway--seemed to want to be next to a plum-colored stem of hydrangea leaves, which I'd already dropped into a vase. I'd love to know which hydrangea these leaves came from. They were among buckets of flowers and greens available at an arranging workshop this past weekend, and I'd used them in a big arrangement I was dismanteling. This particular stem, with some burgeoning buds at the top, was just too pretty to throw away. The foliage is unusually stiff and colorful for hydrangea foliage, and if I knew who brought it to the workshop, I'd try to beg a piece of the plant it came from!

Here's a closer view of that beautiful hydrangea stem.

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