Monday, September 19, 2011

September 19, 2011--colchicums and runner bean leaves

It's sort of fun the way this evolved. Kate came over to dig plants today and we discovered, under weeds and Irene debris, some colchicums blooming. (They look like fall crocuses.) I decided to cut some to bring in and display on windowsill with my second favorite thing in the garden today: leaves of scarlet runner beans. They are a wonderful combination of acid green with rosey-purple undersides and edges.  First I put them in three separate vases. Then I added three sprigs of dried coxcomb from yesterday's arrangements to each of the three vases. Things were getting better, but this combo didn't really gel until I pulled all the materials together into one vase (third photo). Fourth photo shows just how beautiful the scarlet runner bean leaves really are. I particularly like their holes!

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