Saturday, September 17, 2011

September 17, 2011--crazy, crazy

Louise Witherspon was visiting Flower Camp when I asked her if she'd be willing to do a windowsill arrangement. I think we were snacking on green olives with a nasturtium decorating their plastic container at the time. She suggested olives on a skewer with a nasturtium at the top, which was easy enough, but the skewer needed a base, which turned out to be a pear, which was originally too tippy, but Louise suggested wacking off its base with a knife to make it flat and so.... voila....olives on a skewer with nasturtium at the top.

Don't for a minute think this was really that easy, though. Before finding this perfect little niche on an outside windowsill, we tried half a dozen other venues for this photograph. I love it when people discover how hard it is to photograph an arrangement on a windowsill! To my delight, Louise agreed that we should bend the windowsill rules a bit to allow me to slip a slate under the screen of one window to make a platform to hold our olives on a skewer.

I'm definitely going to use this little cheating platform again!
And the "olives on a skewer" arrangement appearing outside the window was even more fun to view from INSIDE the cabin we call "the baby house."

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