Monday, September 26, 2011

September 26, 2011--long story

Following wonderful weekend at Shrine Mont, I had a few materials I brought home that I wanted to put in windowsill. There was only one "florist material" among them (an orange rose), and it wanted to steal the show.  In fact, there was no way to keep it from stealing the show in a photograph, which is why such things so often show up in magazines, on TV, on websites, etc.  Much, much harder is to make something subtle, like a beautiful pear, show up in a photograph. Second photo shows my unsuccessful effort to do that.  Materials are yellow celosia (showier than the pear, unfortunately) and beautfful floliage and spent flowers of a hydrangea someone brought to Shrine Mont. Somehow I think THE EYE can see the edible pear for what it is--very important---better than a camera can, but I suppose the best photographers can make this point, too.

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