Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sept. 4, 2011--uncle

I guess if scientists should report negative results, flower arrangers should, too. Today I tried to add some sunflowers to yesterday's okra ladder. In my mind's eye, the yellow sunflowers formed sort of a ruff around the base of the okra. However: the sunflowers I was using had been toppled by hurricane Irene, and they had incredibly wacky postures. I used stick stilts and crutches and all sorts of techniques like wrapping them behind the okra stems to get their faces to look up, but the harder I tried,  the worse the results got. This just flat out didn't work. And yet,  I'd still rather look at these sunflowers in a bad arrangement than look at them on the ground in the garden. Second photo shows me trying to coax the sunflowers into better postures with my hand.  I finally gave up, cried uncle, and moved on to making supper. Please let it be more successful than my arranging!  

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