Friday, September 30, 2011

September 30, 2011--pink sky, flowers, leaves

Everything changed today--the weather, the angle of light, the sky colors. The treetops were lit by yellow light late this afternoon, the temperature was cool, and the sky was striped with pink. It was the pink and deep rose in some coleus leaves that drove my windowsill arrangement, but as soon as I dropped those leaves into a vase, I started seeing pink everywhere. The backsides of Virginia creeper leaves (which I added to the vase) were particulary pink, as was the color in celosia leaves and stems. (In the first photo, I stitched a Virginia creeper leaf onto a celosia stem), in the second, the leaf is placed more conventionally. And, of course, the roses are putting out another, last, flush of bloom before frost. The rose in these photos is one of the Knockout roses--so pretty at this time of year.

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